• Alex Hollings

FighterSweep.com is back (and I’m not leaving NEWSREP)

While Fighter Sweep is now my digital home and the focus of a great deal of my attention, I’ve still got a lot to say about foreign policy, the power of national perception management efforts, the state of international politics and numerous ongoing conflicts that fall outside the realm of aviation. I’ve spent years developing enough expertise in propaganda and narrative strategies to not only cover it for this outlet, but to write a book on the subject. I’ve had my naval analysis pieces read nearly verbatim by Senators on the floor of EUCOM hearings. These issues are more than topics of national concern, they are the source of some of my passion for this line of work — and because of that, the bosses at NEWSREP and I decided that the right thing for me to do would be to keep my notional seat at the NEWSREP table as well.

You’ll still find my work each day right here alongside incredible pieces by the likes of heroes of mine like George E. Hand and contemporary legends in the business like Jack Murphy — but now you can find more of my work, along with the work of aviation experts, analysts, pilots, and aficionados over at Fighter Sweep. Do I have a lot on my hands? Absolutely — but I’ve always been my best self with a tough objective ahead of me.

Thank you to all the readers here at NEWSREP that have supported my work over the years. I hope you can find the time to come visit my new home and to participate in the conversations about our world today as we always have here… but even if you don’t, we’ll still see one another each morning on NEWSREP’s homepage — don’t be afraid to say hi.

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