• Alex Hollings

A new start with Sandboxx News

Over the past few years, I've had some amazing experiences as a writer. I've had my work read aloud by Senators in hearings, I've interviewed movie stars, toured secret training facilities with elite special operators, and even had a cartoon of me drawn by a Delta Force legend. I've been immensely lucky time and time again, and now, four months into my latest challenge, I feel luckier than ever.

On January 1, I took over as the Editor of the newly formed Sandboxx News. The site, which was known as the Sandboxx Blog until recently, began as a marketing blog helmed by Nicole Utt. I have Nicole to thank for the fantastic foundation I was hired to build from. Since then, I've built a fantastic writing staff that represent the breadth of military service. We have Navy SEALs, CIA agents, Army Rangers, and respected defense journalists contributing to the content we publish each day, but just as importantly, we have military spouses writing daily content about their experiences, which are unique and essential to the military community.

I've also been fortunate enough to establish content sharing agreements with respected and established media outlets like the Military Times, We Are the Mighty, and Leatherneck Magazine.

I would love to take all the credit, but the truth is, Sandboxx is a phenomenal company, and I've received incredible support, feedback, and help every step of the way.

Building a new outlet isn't easy, and even with my fantastic team and the incredible support we have in our parent company, the road ahead is still a long one. Our goals are lofty, but Marines tend to refer to goals as missions; and Marines make mission.

I'm excited about what's yet to come, and I'm genuinely grateful to you for being there with me.

Here's to the future.


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